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Meet Goldie

We’re excited to introduce you to Goldie, an AI co-pilot for sales reps with a simple mission: help salespeople close more deals in less time. To achieve that mission, Goldie acts like a trusted...

The Sales Tech User Experience: A Productivity Killer

A mature sales tech stack certainly has its benefits, but there are also costs. Unfortunately, those costs are typically borne by sales reps who struggle with the UX of various tech products.

Selling in a Downturn: Managing Buyer Budgets

Most of the issues a seller encounters in an economic downturn can be distilled down to one risk - budget - and that risk can be mitigated with a handful of sales plays and best practices.

The Overwhelmed Sales Rep

Being a sales rep has always been challenging, but recently it feels like we’ve reached a tipping point. Sales reps have gone from feeling challenged to feeling overwhelmed.

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