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Goldie is an AI that executes sales plays on your behalf, so you can close more deals in less time.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who should use Goldie?

Goldie’s mission is to help sales reps. Imagine a sales org where every sales rep has an AI co-pilot that is always there for them, helping them to sell more effectively, and reducing the friction that exists in reps’ day-to-day lives. Yes, sales managers, sales ops, and sales leadership benefit as well, but Goldie’s #1 job is to help salespeople close more business in less time.

What does Goldie do?

Goldie is an artificial intelligence that acts like a co-pilot for salespeople. In a nutshell, Goldie helps reps by suggesting and automating sales plays and best practices. We can’t divulge more than that now, but if you sign up for early access, we’re confident you’ll see how powerful Goldie is.

Why should you use Goldie?

If you want help closing more deals and saving time, Goldie can help. As your sales co-pilot, Goldie recommends and executes sales plays on your behalf - plays that are proven to close business. Goldie also saves you time by managing a variety of tedious tasks for you, so you’re able to spend more time on actual selling.

Who is building Goldie?

Scott Albro and Alex Kerschhofer are the founders of Goldie. Most recently, Scott was the founder and CEO of TOPO. TOPO became the leading research and advisory firm for high growth sales and marketing organizations until its acquisition by Gartner. Alex was a co-founder and VP of Product at Groove, a leading sales engagement application used by many of the world’s best companies.

How do I get access?

Right now, we’re working with a handful of Charter Customers as we build the product. These customers provide us with feedback and insights that shape our product strategy and roadmap. Our goal is to build a product that sales reps love - customer feedback is crucial to that effort. If you’d like to apply to be a Charter Customer, just email and he’ll get back to you. 

Later this year, we’ll make Goldie generally available to any sales rep who wants an intelligent co-pilot to help them sell more effectively. By signing up here, you’ll receive ongoing product updates and be notified of upcoming release dates.

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